Anyone who has known Coco Malou for a while knows that one of our goals is to create a greener world. For us, as a sustainable company, this means working in a way that conserves resources at all levels. One of our main materials - TENCEL Lyocell - is made from wood fibers. Since every piece of clothing we make uses resources, the logical consequence for us is to also do our part to restore these resources. Ideally, to a greater extent than we consume. Our approach: for every set sold, a tree is planted in an area of ​​the world affected by deforestation.

Coco Malou weForest sustainable underwear made from Tencel

Our cooperation partner weForest has been actively supporting us in this project since 2019. And now, almost three years after the start of the cooperation, we have all planted more than 6,500 trees together. WOW!
Another plus for us are the jobs that could be created on site through the project, and the habitat for animals, which is created by the new forests. We like!

stop climate change?

Projects like this are also extremely important to counteract climate change. The world has set itself the 1.5 degree target, ie by 2030 the earth should not warm up by more than 1.5°C. A key element in achieving this goal is to produce significantly less CO 2 on the one hand and to remove excess CO 2 from the atmosphere on the other. Sounds like the perfect job for a tree, right? This binds the greenhouse gases that are responsible for global warming. So you could say trees literally suck greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.


But bad news for everyone who is already looking forward to it: in order to reach the 1.5 degree target, we need a paltry 3.3 million km 2 of trees – an area the size of all of India. Even if the first steps have been taken, it is more than clear to us that we must continue to support projects like weForest. We hope you continue to be so actively involved.

Thanks for your support!