Klimaschutzprojekte fördern mit Coco Malou und Bezahlmethode Ivy

Klimaschützen leicht gemacht - die Bezahlmethode Ivy

Dir liegt unsere Erde genau so am Herzen wie uns? Du möchtest etwas gegen den Klimawandel tun? Na dann haben wir was für Dich! Mit unserem neuen Kooperationspartner Ivy kannst...
Coco Malou - Bademode Kollektion 2023?

Coco Malou - Bademode Kollektion 2023?

Viele von euch suchen sie schon, schreiben uns auf Insta oder per E-Mail, mit der Frage: wird es dieses Jahr wieder eine Swimwear Collection von Coco Malou geben?
Neues Lager ab Januar 2023

New warehouse from January 2023

Delivery time of your orders between Christmas and New Year: read more about our move here!
Lieferzeiten bis Ende November - Anfang Dezember

Delivery times until the end of November - beginning of December

We are processing everything as quickly as we can, but unfortunately it can take up to two weeks at the moment because we are a small team and have received an incredible number of orders. Thanks for your understanding! ❤
BH-Größe Coco Malou finde deine Größe bei Bralettes

Finding the right bra size

Are you sometimes a bit overwhelmed by the whole numbers, letters and terms associated with bra sizes? So that you can better understand what is behind it, we would like to show you how you can best find out which size suits you.
Die Geschichte der Bademode: von Ganzkörperkleidern bis hin zum heutigen Bikini

The history of swimwear: from full body dresses to today's bikini

The history of swimwear has come a long way. Read how it came from body dresses to today's bikini here.
Nachhaltige Bademode 2022: Das Gesicht hinter unserem Flower Print

Sustainable swimwear 2022: The face behind our flower print

Hand-drawn watercolor flowers adorn the designs of this year's endless summer swimwear collection. Read here how the exclusive print was created.
Body Positivity nachhaltige Unterwäsche

Summer, sun, beach and body

am i too fat am i too skinny can i wear this

We need to realize that stretch marks, cellulite, scars, or dimples are simply a part of a real, living body. That's why here at Coco Malou, beauty is seen in diversity and not in limiting ideals.

Von der Idee zum Produkt

From the idea to the product

How do our new styles actually come about from an idea? How long does this process take and which steps have to be followed before the swimwear or lingerie can move into our online shop?
nachhaltige Unterwäsche Coco Malou fair produziert

The true cost of our clothes

Fast fashion dominates the fashion industry and leads to a lot of environmental and social problems. You can find out exactly what these are and how Coco Malou wants to make a difference in the blog post.
Coco Malou Nachhaltige Unterwäsche Tencel Spitzenbralette

From A and B goods: What actually happens to our returns?

Coco Malou treats your returns differently than most companies in the fast fashion industry. But what are the differences and the reasons for them. Find out in the blog post
Nachhaltig Unterwäsche Tencel weForest Coco Malou Klimawandel

I Forest, You Forest, we Forest

After almost 3 years of cooperation with weForest, it is time to draw a conclusion. How many trees did we plant together? And why are we doing this again?