Updated 11/28/22:

You guys are amazing! Thank you very much for your great support for our Neverbefore campaign. We didn't expect SO many orders to arrive and now we have our hands full!

Of course, we process everything as quickly as we can, but unfortunately it can currently take up to two weeks for your package to be sent, as we still pack everything ourselves and are a small team. But we have already gotten help and are now working through everything bit by bit. :) From next year this will no longer happen, as we will be able to process larger order quantities better with our new logistics partner from 2023. Thank you for your understanding and your patience! ❤

hp Since we are currently in the transition phase, some items in your delivery may be packaged differently than usual. Little by little, all Coco Malous slip into a recyclable paper bag with a barcode. You are welcome to use these for handicrafts or dispose of them in the waste paper.

Coco Malou longer delivery time underwear start-up