80B, 70C, cross sizes, chest sizes…

Are you sometimes a bit overwhelmed by the whole numbers, letters and terms associated with bra sizes? So that you can better understand what is behind it, we would like to show you how you can best find out which size suits you.

A bra size is determined by two components: the cup size and the band size.

Size measurement Coco Malou

The number stands for the underbust measurement. The larger the number, the longer that circumference and the wider your chest. You can easily measure your own circumference by placing the measuring tape directly below your chest. Make sure you hold the measuring tape straight and breathe in and out normally. The measuring tape should fit snugly and run parallel to the floor, i.e. sit at the same height at the back and front.

Second, you need to consider the cup size, which is indicated by the letter. A is the smallest cup we have, but the number is very important because 70A and 80A are very different in size! You measure your chest circumference at the widest part of the chest; this is usually at the level of the nipples. The tape measure should not cut into the chest and should again be parallel to the floor. The best way to measure your chest is while wearing a thin, unpadded bra.

Size measurement Coco Malou

The combination of underbust measurement and bust measurement then leads to your bra size. Our measurement chart can help you find them, but centimeters aren't everything and every body is shaped differently. So if the 75B circumference is good but the cup cuts into the bust, you should choose a larger cup: 75C. On the other hand, if the cup protrudes or there is too much air in it, you should choose a smaller cup: 75A.

Bra cross sizes simply explained

So what's the deal with cross sizes ? This seems complicated at first glance, but it's actually quite simple. If you choose one cup size smaller and the underbust size one size larger, you get the so-called cross size or sister size. Here the cup volume is exactly the same, i.e. 70C=75B=80A. All three hold the same breast volume; only the circumference is different here. This is because the cup size will automatically increase if you choose a larger circumference. This means that 80A is one size larger in cup volume than 75A. 85A is two sizes larger.

We understand if you are unsure about your size and would like to order several sizes to be on the safe side. However, for us as a young start-up, there are returns very time and cost intensive. Every returned order is unpacked by us, checked, manually returned, evaluated and the money refunded. In addition, every return is a burden on our environment. For these reasons, we want to keep the number of your returns as low as possible. It is all the more important to us that you can determine your size relatively precisely right from the start.

Do you have any further questions or is something still unclear to you? Then just write us an e-mail (hallo@coco-malou.com) and we will try to advise you again on your size. The best way to do this is to send us your underbust and chest measurements as well as the bra size that you usually wear. :)