bequeme Dessous

aus hochwertigen Materialien

Close-up Trees Coco Malou plants one weforest tree for each set sold


We are here to create a greener world!

As a mindful company, we want to act sustainably on all levels: on the social, the economic and of course the ecological level. However, since every garment is made from resources, at Coco Malou we want to actively do something to restore resources - and at a greater rate than we use them!

Our main raw material Tencel Lyocell is made from wood (exclusively from sustainably managed forests) . That's why we plant a new tree for every set we sell. We are supported by our cooperation partner WeForest, who provides new trees in countries around the world that are particularly affected by deforestation and deforestation.

WeForest also trains locals so that they can continue to act more sustainably in the future. The new forests will not only create jobs, but also habitats for animals.

Take a close look at where the Coco Malou trees are planted on this website. On the map, you can even see where the new forests are emerging in Zambia.


Did you already know?

According to a study by Oxford University, trees are the best way to suck CO2 from the earth and thus counteract climate change. The great thing is that forests ensure that CO2 is reduced because they bind the greenhouse gas that would otherwise heat up our earth even more.

Unfortunately, too many forests are being destroyed and cleared by people, for example for growing food. Zambia is one of the poorest countries in the world and the deforestation of large parts of its forests provides livelihoods for the local population. WeForest works together with farmers on ecological reforestation and the development of sustainable livelihoods.

Help us to plant an entire forest and thus counteract climate change.



WeForest and Coco Malou - together for a greener world


proudly made in Portugal

Coco Malou made in Portugal fair und nachhaltig Dessous

Die Dessous von Coco Malou werden in liebevoller Handarbeit in Portugal hergestellt. Wir sind hier, um mehr Transparenz und Wertschätzung für die Produktion deiner Kleidung zu schaffen. Denn wir finden es wichtig, dass es den Arbeiter*innen entlang der Lieferkette gut geht und du guten Gewissens bei uns einkaufen kannst.