Coco Malou fair trade underwear fair fashion lingerie

You want more fairness in the fashion industry?

We also! That's why we've been looking for the right production facility for a long time: a manufactory that is an absolute expert in lingerie production, that pays its employees fairly and ensures that appropriate working hours and vacation days apply. This is one of the principles at Coco Malou. Because everyone loves holidays and no matter how nice the job is, everyone deserves a break from time to time, in which the heart can dangle and the soul can relax.

You want short transport routes ?

While we appreciate some of the benefits of globalization, we believe that not every piece of clothing should travel around the world three times before it is allowed into your closet. Our lingerie is produced directly in Europe because we appreciate short transport routes. Less CO2 emissions due to lower transport costs, both for the individual materials and for the end product - yay! The environment will thank you!

You want sustainable materials on your skin?

Bras and panties are the pieces that come closest to us. Nevertheless, a large part of the underwear on the European market consists primarily of chemical fibers that make the skin sweat and are unfortunately not so rosy in production from an ecological point of view. That's why we strive to use the most environmentally friendly materials possible and are always on the lookout for even better alternatives for the ingredients that don't quite meet our standards. The main material Tencel, which is used in all models, is a real prodigy when it comes to wearing properties and the environment. Read more about Tencel and its properties here.

Eco-fashion and aesthetics in one!

Fortunately, there are now quite a few small, fine labels that are declaring war on the big conventional brands and want to put an end to the fast fashion madness. Great! Every step counts. In our search for fairly produced, aesthetic lingerie, however, we have unfortunately not found what we are looking for and have searched in vain for beautiful bras with cups and lace. Fortunately, pretty bralettes and comfortable basics already exist. For the other part, we created Coco Malou. Hello World!