How to wash lace underwear

This is how you should wash your underwear

  • Wash your Coco Malou lingerie at max. 30 ° C in the delicates program, ie a maximum of 400-600 revolutions.
  • Very important: everything with lace should be washed in a laundry net so that the lace is protected and not damaged by zippers, buttons or rough materials from other textiles. Each bra should have its own lingerie net.
  • Use a mild detergent as this will protect the fibers and ensure your pieces stay beautiful for longer.
  • You are also welcome to use the Guppyfriend , which reduces fiber breakage and ensures cleaner water.

There's a lot of dangerous half-knowledge floating around on the internet when it comes to washing (under)clothes. In this blog post we want to get to the bottom of the popular belief that underwear needs to be washed at 60 ° C . There is also a collection of important facts about doing laundry.

How good the washing result is depends on four factors, the so-called Sinner circle:

So far so good. But what does that mean in detail?


In order to get clean, textiles have to be agitated in water (with detergent), which nowadays the washing machine conveniently does for us. How stressed a fabric is through washing depends in part on the drum of the washing machine. In addition, the more often the textile is washed, the more it is mechanically stressed. That's why it's a good idea to air some items of clothing, such as those made of cotton, wool or linen, instead of washing them - especially if they don't have any visible stains. However, this does not apply to underwear. ;-)

For colored laundry, the washing machine should be fully loaded so that there is only a hand's breadth of space. It's different in the easy-care program: here you only fill the washing machine about half full, in the delicate wash program the filling quantity should be even less.

The detergent

When it comes to detergents, a distinction is made between color and heavy-duty or universal detergents. The heavy-duty detergent is actually only suitable for white laundry, as it contains bleach or optical brighteners. So that your colored clothing does not fade in the long term, we recommend using the color detergent for all other colors (including black). Also good to know: Detergents in powder form are considered to be more advantageous for environmental reasons, as they have a higher washing performance and therefore pollute the water less than liquid detergents. At least you should alternate between liquid and powder detergent - that's better for the machine too.

The temperature

When it comes to energy consumption, temperature accounts for the largest share. For example, lowering the washing temperature from 40 to 30 ° C represents an energy saving of 40%! Crazy, right?

But what about the right washing temperature for underwear? According to the Federal Environment Agency, underwear can also be cleaned at 30 ° C, even in the delicate wash program. This not only protects the textiles, but also the environment. We are usually much cleaner than we actually need to be. Washing at 60 degrees is only recommended if someone in the family has an infection or diseases that weaken the immune system. In this case, a hygiene rinse can also be added. Please do not wash your lace lingerie at 60 degrees.

The time

In general, a longer washing time is better, since the detergent can work better over a longer period of time and high temperatures can therefore be avoided. The washing time is longer, especially in eco programs. We recommend that you do without the short wash program. Lower temperatures, but longer washing times are also better for your textiles!

We hope these laundry tips will help you and keep your favorite clothes as long as possible. ♥

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July 25, 2019