Cupro, vegan silk, Coco Malou

The vegan alternative to silk: cupro

Cupro, also known as vegan silk, is a regenerated cellulose fiber . The starting material for this is left over from cotton production : the cotton plant contains seeds that are covered with a small, down-like fiber that is unsuitable for the production of cotton fabrics. This cellulose fiber is treated with a copper-ammonia solution. The fabric not only convinced us with its silky , shimmering look , but also with its incredibly soft skin feel. The fibers are also breathable and do not become statically charged.

Cupro had a very bad reputation until recently. And not without reason: in the past, production using the copper-ammonia solution was harmful to people and the environment, so it was banned worldwide. But under the brand name Bemberg, the Japanese Asahi Kasei developed a new type of production that uses closed water circuits. For example, 99.9% of the copper is now recovered and reused from the wastewater. In addition, the new cupro is biodegradable ; just two months after disposal, the weight in the ground is reduced by half ( at approx. 35 °C and 80% humidity) ! At Coco Malou we only use Bemberg Cupro.

Of course, the fabric is also checked by Oeko-Tex and is Oeko-Tex 100 certified. The result of these innovations is an environmentally friendly, silky fabric that is completely vegan, and is also made from a raw material that would otherwise go to waste.

We think it's great and that's why we like to use cupro in our lingerie.

February 03, 2021