Set Aurélie by Coco Malou from Deadstock

Deadstock - sustainable alternative?

Most of us will be aware that many products in the textile industry end up in landfills after a short lifespan. But a good third* of the materials end up as waste before they ever reach the customer. Deadstock fabric is the term for material that is left over from production and has no further use. Fast fashion labels often have several collections a month. Large quantities of material are ordered under time pressure and in the end a lot is left over. This rest usually goes in the bin.

For several years there have been companies that buy up these unwanted leftover materials and use them to create their own products. We follow exactly this principle for our set Aurélie . So although the fabrics are not made of Tencel or recycled lace as usual, we use them for our production. The alternative is that they are thrown away unused or burned. And that, in our opinion, is not sustainable at all.

One could now ask why we don't produce all our products from deadstock fabric. We want to change the textile industry with our corporate philosophy. And if we were to use deadstock for all our products, we would have to rely on large, conventional companies to keep producing as wastefully as they are now so that unwanted materials would always be available. And that is the opposite of what we want to achieve.

* Pulse of the Fashion Industry from Global Fashion Agenda: John Kerr, John Landry, 2017