Have you ever wondered how our lingerie or swimwear styles are actually created? How does the idea become a finished bikini? How long does this process take? And what must be considered? You can find answers to some of these questions in this blog post.

Sustainable bikini Coco Malou fairly produced

Mood board and the question of details

At the beginning there is always an idea – and not just one, but countless. We create a mood board with colors and inspirations , scour the collections of the fabric and lace suppliers and collect everything that could suit us and the new styles. Of course, not everything can always be implemented as one imagines at first glance. Questions about the cut, fabric, accessories such as rings, sliders or clasps and color are just a few of the details that are important when it comes to implementation. In addition, all materials must meet certain minimum quantities before they can be ordered.

Sustainable bikini fabric Coco Malou

From the sketch to the first prototype

The first sketches are designed by us in Stuttgart and then sent to our pattern maker in Portugal. This creates the pattern for the respective product in CAD and the first meters of fabric for the prototypes are ordered. These are often only available in a different color than the end product because you have to fall back on stock items . So it takes a bit of imagination to imagine the end result . Once the sample materials are in place and the pattern has been developed , the first prototype can be made - an exciting moment when it arrives !

Sewing pattern sustainable swimwear Coco Malou

From fitting to production

The prototype is first viewed and tried on by our apparel technician and founder to see how it fits and is finished. This is usually followed by a few changes that are discussed and passed on to production. These are then implemented in a new template, which we usually receive a few weeks later and examine again very carefully. There can be 3 to 4 change loops before we are completely satisfied with the end product. At the end of the development process, a fitting with different sizes takes place to ensure that the grading is correct.

By the way, when it comes to repeat styles, we try our best to implement the feedback from you customers . If, for example, we often get feedback that a part is too small or large, we adjust it directly in the next batch.

Overall , the development process usually takes a few months . Of course, this depends on how many changes are necessary.

Sewing sustainable swimwear Coco Malou fairly produced

If everything is right in the end, the production of the styles is commissioned and the various materials are ordered from the suppliers. But before the bikini fabric or lace is produced in our desired color, we receive the lab dip from the supplier: a small piece of the final fabric that is dyed in the laboratory and must be approved in advance. The individual components then usually need between 6-8 weeks of production time until they are delivered to Portugal. Depending on how many parts we have sewn, it takes another two weeks until everything is cut, sewn together and checked. W e can hardly wait until the delivery finally arrives in Stuttgart and the new styles can move into our online shop !