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am i too fat am i too skinny Can you see dents here? can i wear this

So many people doubt their figure, their weight and proportions every day, always on the marathon to their supposed ideal figure.

Especially now, when the temperatures are rising and more skin is peeking out from under the clothes, we all start to think again: am I too fat? am i too skinny Can you see dents here? can i wear this

And then there are these stores where a size L looks more like a small M and you can already tell with the naked eye that I'll never fit in there anyway. Or - you know what's coming - we scroll through our Instagram feed and only see slim, athletic bodies of beautiful people.

These thoughts can create so much stress in us that we start starving ourselves, exercising excessively, or compulsively eating clean. We might be able to do that for a few weeks, but then at the latest we feel bad. We feel drained, drained and still unattractive.

Of course we feel that way, because in this case we didn't concern ourselves with ourselves, but always compared it with other supposedly perfect images in our heads. But we'll never be happy that way. We have to realize that ideals of beauty and standard sizes are always subject to change over time. We need to realize that stretch marks, cellulite, and dimples are all part and parcel of a real, living body. All these very individual “flaws” tell a story. Our story of life. It's okay to want to change something about your body, but there are other things that are more important than any body shape. Everyone can do so much, everyone is unique and everyone is beautiful.

So let's stay calm! Let's accept and love our very individual body! Let's give each other a hug now and then! The answer to the question: can I wear this? is always: Yes!

With Coco Malou we try to carry this mindset out to you into the world. Here beauty is seen in diversity and not in limiting ideals.

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Coco Malou aims to design lingerie for every body and to constantly expand the range of sizes. As a result, war is declared on the superficial ideal of beauty. The aim is to show the bodies of our models as natural and real as they are.

This topic is so important to us that we had the idea of ​​dedicating a separate page to it on our website. This is where we celebrate size diversity and want to help you find the bra that fits you perfectly. We show various photos of you in your favorite Coco Malou bra to give others the opportunity to orient themselves not only to measurement charts, but to real women. You can also see how your favorite bra looks on different body types, whether sporty, plump, tall, small, slim or curvy. We think they are all beautiful!

So stay calm! Take good care of your body! Enjoy the summer!

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