The coming weeks are an exciting time for us as we are taking a big step: We are moving all our Coco Malous and will ship through our fulfillment partner in Cologne in the future. For you this means that you will soon receive your parcels faster, but also that there may be some major delays in the current changeover period.

Between 19.12. and 02.01.2023 no packages will be sent due to the move. You can still order from us as usual, but you have to expect a longer delivery time during this period. The orders will then be processed as quickly as possible from January. As a small excuse for the waiting time, you will get 10% off your order - just use the code SLOWDOWN for all orders until December 31st, 2022 (11:59 p.m.).

All returns made after 15.12. sent must also be sent to our new address in Cologne. The processing time is up to two weeks longer than usual until mid-January. Thank you for your understanding and have a magical and relaxed Christmas time! :)

coco malou sustainable lingerie fair fashion

By the way; Don't be surprised: Little by little, all Coco Malous slip into a recyclable paper bag with a barcode. You are welcome to use these for handicrafts or dispose of them in the waste paper. Our paper bags are FSC-certified and are made in Germany.